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Educational tool update- Caprine reproduction


The Drost Project, now called Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction (VisGAR) is back on line. The new site can be accessed at the following URL ( ). The project…

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GVS Spring Meeting Haydock Racecourse **UPDATE**


GVS Programme Haydock May 2019 *FINAL   Advanced notice of the GVS Spring Meeting at the Haydock Racecourse on Thursday 16th May 2019.   Please find below downloads for the May…

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GVS Chepstow Meeting Summary


Please see attached link “Chepstow Meeting Summary ” for summary notes taken from the recent Chepstow Meeting.   Details of our Spring meeting to follow shortly. Thank you to all who…

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Autumn Meeting 2018 **DETAILS**


Please see below links to our Autumn meeting with it’s varied programme this year based in Chepstow. Please also see the attached registration form and directions to the meeting.  …

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Goats: Goats ‘drawn to happy human faces’


Goats: Goats ‘drawn to happy human faces’ Research into goats by a team at Queen Mary University of London has revealed for the first time than non-domesticated farmyard animals can…

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**New** BVA on Farm Assurance #ChooseAssured


#ChooseAssured Click on this link to see a summary of BVA’s recent informatic summarising available assurance scheme. 23.7.18

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Hot Weather Advice


Many of us will be facing the challenges of the heat and managing livestock. Please see some advice here from APHA for clinicians about key diseases which may pop up…

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Peste-de-petits-ruminants in Bulgaria **IMPORTANT**


For member herds and veterinary surgeons, please find attached the below link with updates regarding a recent incursion of PPR into Bulgaria.

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Goat related PhD opportunity


Please find a link below for any that may be interested in a PhD opportunity: Identifying the major constraints to health and profitability of the UK goat industry.   Here…

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Blue Tongue Virus Update – June 2016


GOAT VETERINARY SOCIETY – BLUETONGUE UPDATE. JUNE 2016   Chairman David Harwood attended a briefing meeting at Nobel House on behalf of GVS, presentations were received from the following: Nigel…

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