Honorary Lifetime Membership Awarded to Dr Sandra Baxendell

We were delighted to announce on the first afternoon of the GVS Virtual Conference, the committee of the Goat Veterinary Society have chosen to award Dr Sandra Baxendell our lifetime honorary membership of the society in recognition of your outstanding contribution to goat health and welfare, not only in Australia but worldwide.
Dr Sandra Baxendell was our first speaker on Weds 1st, discussing her experiences and insight into CAE and Johnes control in Australian goats. Sandra graduated as Dux (top student of her year) from the University ofQueensland in 1975. She then went on to do her PhD using goats as her experimental animal. At the time she was also running a commercial goat dairy unit. She has worked with Angora and cashmere goats in Western Australia and Queensland and in many roles. For the last 12 years she has been a goat only veterinarian with a strong social media presence as @goatvetoz .
Dr Sandra’s social media handle is @goatvetoz if you wish to read about more of her work, with her website linked below.