Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine

Every month we will be adding a short list of recommended reading from across the farming and published press.

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Taylor, M (2017) Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidiosis in Goats Proceedings of the Goat Veterinary Society, Carlisle

Wielkopolska.K (2019) THE UK GOAT INDUSTRY – 40 YEARS AND GOING FORWARD Proceedings of the Goat Veterinary Society Thirsk


June’s recommended read

Bordes, L., Dumont, N., Lespine, A., Souil, E., Sutra, J. F., Prevot, F., Grisez, C., Romanos, L., Dailledouze, A. &  Jacquiet, P. (2020) First report of multiple resistance to eprinomectin and benzimidazole in Haemonchus contortus on a dairy goat farm in France. Parasitol Int 76, 102063

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