Farm Vet Champions course now live

New farm project to champion antimicrobial stewardship

Have you heard about Farm Vet Champions? This is an important opportunity for you and any colleagues who are working in farm animal veterinary practice!

Led by RCVS Knowledge and funded by the VMD, the project has brought together major UK specialised veterinary and agriculture organisations to develop free learning materials for farm veterinary professionals to improve animal health and welfare standards and provide positive inspiration and leadership towards antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

On 13 May 2021, users will be able to access the platform and choose which modules are relevant to their area of work. A total of 20 hours of free on-demand CPD will be instrumental for the Farm Vet Champions in tackling AMR.

The training, which is freely accessible to all eligible Farm Vet Champions, covers all types of food-producing animals encountered by farm veterinary professionals as well as modules on communication skills, particularly regarding vet-farmer relationships, behaviour and compliance. There is no limit to the number of Farm Vet Champions within a practice and Farm Vet Champions can carry their status with them if they move between practices.

In the planned second phase, Farm Vet Champions will be able to set SMART goals at both an individual and practice level. They will be able to track progress towards these via the online platform, to help support the sustained translation of the learning into practice. RCVS Knowledge is aiming for phase two to be accessible from Spring 2022.

Farm Vet Champions will also support One Health efforts to manage the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, a key initiative within the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) targets set to be delivered by the UK cattle and sheep sectors by 2024.

Chris Gush, Executive Director of RCVS Knowledge, said, “With antimicrobial resistance being one of the top 10 health threats facing our planet, we are delighted with the quality of the Farm Vet Champions course and we look forward to connecting with farm vets across the UK to tackle AMR. Farm Vet Champions is just the beginning of our work in antimicrobial prescribing, and we look forward to building on our resources that will benefit all animals, the public and society.”

Fiona Lovatt, Farm Vet Champions Clinical Lead, said, “I am incredibly proud of the Farm Vet Champions project and extremely grateful every member of our steering group, who have been instrumental in the creation of high-quality and engaging learning materials. I encourage all UK farm vets to sign up and join us on the journey to tackle AMR.”

The course is available for free at