GVS Statement reference COVID-19 and disbudding

“During these unprecedented times the GVS is aware of the difficult position veterinary surgeons may find themselves in when asked to disbud goat kids. The GVS fully accepts and wishes to promote the Governments stance on social distancing and the current lock-down, but would like to add that goat kids are very different from cattle and it may be that delaying disbudding of goat kids could lead to particular health and safety / compromised welfare situations in the future, particularly in the large dairy environments. The GVS would reiterate the RCVS and BVA guidance that it is ultimately the individual practitioners professional judgement of the on the ground situation that should be followed and taking all factors into consideration. Where the veterinary surgeon believes there is a welfare need and is confident he/she can carry out the procedure without putting others at risk then the GVS would support continued disbudding, but at all times the bigger human health / public health emergency trumps our animal management tasks.”


Goat Veterinary Society

March 2020